Monday, February 25, 2013

Mukhtar Mai- An Example 0f Courage

Visit for her story and interview.

Medium: Pencil Colours


  1. Very true.It takes tremendous courage and grit to stand up and work for a cause she has chosen despite the horrendous experience in a hostile atmosphere.Women everywhere especially in the subcontinent suffer silently with no political,
    economic and social empowerment.The few at the top do not reflect the reality in the rural sides.There is a long way for people like Mukhtar Mai to go even in our own country to ensure safety,dignity and equal empowerment of
    A good work in crayon though she looks much younger in the photograph

  2. Hi KP

    yes, very true..Mukhtar Mai has shown what courage and determination are..she chose not to suffer but rather emerged as a winner putting her tormentors to much shame. we need more of such wonderful women...thanks a lot for liking the sketch!!
    The medium is pencil colour