Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ruskin Bond- My Fav Author!!!

  • Better perceived as the Indian 'William Wordsworth', Ruskin Bond was born in Kasauli in the then Punjab Province in the year 1934. Born to a first generation British migrant, Bond spent most of his childhood in amidst Himalayas. 
  • He was brought up at different places that included Jamnagar, Dehradun and Shimla. As customary in that period he went to England for his primary studies. 
  • Bond started displaying his literary talent in England. He wrote his first novel named 'Room On The Roof' when he was all of 17 years. The book made him win prestigious 'John Llewellyn Rhys' Prize

Medium: Pencil colours



  1. I share your enthusiasm! Love Ruskin Bond too. Was over the moon when I met him at the launch of his book last year. Keep up the good work...your sketches are pretty close to the original photo/painting! Nice portraits.

  2. hi Sumita

    thanks a lot! u r really lucky to have met him! I have spoken to him a few times over the telephone, he is really humble and sweet!

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Awesome work!:D
    A poet....a painter....a writer...a blogger....whoa!....Did I leave something?....:p

  4. You've done a marvelous job once again. Mr. Bond is my fav author too