Monday, October 29, 2018

Inktober 2018 / Day 29

My very first 'Inktober' sketch!! The the prompt for day 29 is 'Double'
Vampires live amongst us and roam around wearing charming masks. They suck all happiness, hope, excitement, will and reputation so one must be careful of the company he/she keeps. Janus faced people are very toxic and sadly are so ubiquitous these days.

Medium- Pitt pens

Monday, October 8, 2018

My Art on Cover Page!

I am excited to share this amazing news with you all!

Congratulations to Ms Geetashree Chatterjee as her debut book 'A Basketful of Lies' has hit the stands! In this collection, each short story is a gem presented in a lovely lyrical prose. Everything from concept to language and from flow to the ebb, has been handled very meticulously. I just loved reading her work!

I am so glad to have done the cover illustrations for this title.There are six illustrations in total, done in color pencil. Each one reflects the respective story line. I sincerely thank the author for putting her trust in me.

This book is available on Amazon and Flipkart

Get your copy now!