Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Famous Afghan Girl

  1. Sharbat Gula, an Afghan lady was photographed by the famous journalist Steve Mc Curry
  2. Gula was living as a refugee in Pak, during the time of the war when she was photographed.
  3. This image was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Gula was then around 12 years old.
  4. The team relocated Gula, then around the age of 30, in a remote region of Afghanistan in the year 2002.
  5. She had married and returned to Afghanistan from the refugee camp in 1992. She had never seen her famous portrait before it was shown to her in January 2003.
  6. She is now living with her husband and three daughters.

Medium: Pencil Color


  1. Very good sketch. But eyes seem too that intentional to create an effect?

  2. Wow...good attempt!! Even without the caption, one can recognize her as the Afghan girl who appeared on the cover of NG magazine...

    A, her eyes are in fact really sea green :)

  3. hii A

    thanks a ton! her eyes are like this only, i tried my best to get that real effect :)

  4. hii mOhan

    thanks a lot!!
    m so very happy that u like the sketch :D

    yes, her ayes are sea green and hauntingly piercing!